First Secondment Starts!

Today, K-Drive researcher Andrew Walker (from the University of Aberdeen) starts his secondment at iSOCO S.A. in Madrid. This secondment is related to WP1: Case Study on Exploitation of Public Semantic Data. During his secondment at iSOCO, Andrew will focus on the problem of free text query interpretation in the context of semantic search. This will help build up the use case regarding public semantic data and also contribute to the development of user interfaces in later WPs.

Keynote Presentation on WEBIST2012

Dr. Jeff Z. Pan is invited to give a keynote presentation on the 8th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST).


Semantic Web technologies have been shown useful in many domain applications. Can they make further impacts in software engineering in general? The talk presents some of the how-to’s on applying Semantic Web technologies in Model Driven Software Development. It illustrates why and how semantic web technologies can help by real world case studies, including the ones in the EU MOST (Marrying Ontology and Software Technology) project. Key related questions include: How to bridge the semantics of software models and ontologies? How to reduce software engineering problems to reasoning and querying over ontologies? How to deal with local closed world reasoning / querying in ontologies? How to provide efficient reasoning and querying over ontologies? How to explain the result of ontology reasoning and querying?