New Paper Published and Presented on DL 2012

A new paper partially funded by K-Drive – Optimising Parallel ABox Reasoning of EL Ontologies is published and presented on the 25th International Workshop on Description Logics.

Abstract. The success of modern multi-core processors makes it possible to develop parallel ABox reasoning algorithms to facilitate efficient reasoning on large scale ontological data sets. In this paper, we extend a parallel TBox reasoning algorithm for ELHR+ to a parallel ABox reasoning algorithm for ELHbotR+, which also supports the bottom concept so as to model disjointness and inconsistency. In design of algorithms, we exploit the characteristic of ABox reasoning in ELHbotR+ to improve parallelisation and reduce unnecessary resource cost. Particularly, we separate the TBox reasoning, ABox reasoning on types and ABox reasoning on relations. Our evaluation shows that a naive implementation of our approach can compute all ABox entailments of a Not-Galen ontology with about 1 million individuals and 9 million axioms in about 3 minutes.

You can view a draft of this paper on our Publications page.