2nd UK ontology network workshop 2013

K-Drive Secondee Dr. Panos Alexopoulos is going to give a demo on  “Scenario-Driven Semantic Entity Disambiguation using Ontological Evidence” on the 2nd UK Ontology Network workshop in Edinburgh, 11th April, 2013.

This a demo of a framework for performing named entity disambiguation in well-defined and constrained scenarios through the customized selection and exploitation of semantic data. Given a priori knowledge about the domain(s) and expected content of the texts to be analyzed, we use existing ontologies and semantic data and define an evidence model that determines which and to what extent semantic entities should be used as contextual evidence for the disambiguation scenario at hand. This process allows the framework to adapt to the particular characteristics of different domains and scenarios and to be more effective than approaches primarily designed to work in open domain and unconstrained situations

Two specific scenarios have already been defined and are available for testing. The first scenario involves the disambiguation of football related entities within texts describing highlights of football matches while the second the disambiguation of location entities within historical texts describing military conflicts. In both cases the domain ontologies and semantic data are derived from DBPedia.

Try this interesting demo by yourself here! (http://glocal.isoco.net/disambiguator/demo/)