Yuan Ren is in IBM Italy for his secondment

Yuan Ren from Aberdeen is now in the IBM Italy research center in Trento for his secondment of 8 weeks, 29th July – 20th September.

During his secondment at IBM Italy, Yuan will collaborate with the local researchers at IBM to:

  • Analyse the data used in their use case;
  • Analyse the requirements to K-Drive solutions, especially query generation and stream query answering technologies;
  • Extend the deliverables D2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 based on the above analysis;
  • Develop query generation technologies and draft deliverable D3.2;
  • Kick-off the work on WP5 and WP6;

Yuan as an experienced researcher will also supervise early-stage researcher secondees, if any, to work better on their secondments.