New Paper Published at IJCAI 2013

A new paper funded by K-Drive – “Predicting Knowledge in An Ontology Stream” is published at this year’s International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Abstract. Recently, ontology stream reasoning has been introduced as a multidisciplinary approach, merging synergies from Artificial Intelligence, Database, World-Wide-Web to reason on semantic augmented data streams. Although knowledge evolution and real-time reasoning have been largely addressed in ontology streams, the challenge of predicting its future (or missing) knowledge remains open and yet unexplored. We tackle predictive reasoning as a correlation and interpretation of past semantics-augmented data over exogenous ontology streams. Consistent predictions are constructed as Description Logics entailments by selecting and applying relevant cross-streams association rules. The experiments have shown accurate prediction with real and live stream data from Dublin City in Ireland.

New Paper Published at ACL 2013

A new paper partially funded by K-Drive – “Transfer Learning Based Cross-lingual Knowledge Extraction for Wikipedia” is published at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2013).

Abstract. Wikipedia infoboxes are a valuable source of structured knowledge for global knowledge sharing. However, infobox information is very incomplete and imbalanced among the Wikipedias in different languages. It is a promising but challenging problem to utilize the rich structured knowledge from a source language Wikipedia to help complete the missing infoboxes for a target language. In this paper, we formulate the problem of cross-lingual knowledge extraction from multilingual Wikipedia sources, and present a novel framework, called WikiCiKE, to solve this problem. An instance-based transfer learning method is utilized to overcome the problems of topic drift and translation errors. Our experimental results demonstrate that WikiCiKE outperforms the monolingual knowledge extraction method and the translation-based method。