K-Drive Workshop (March 2014) Started

Two days of K-Drive workshop starts on 26th March 2014. The work packages to be covered are as follows.

D4.3 Intelligent UI prototype (M30, iSOCO)
Discuss on Artemis’ secondment plan;
D7.1 User modeling definition: a PU Specification (M30, UNIABDN)
Discuss on connections with Sam’s topic (business profile match-making);

D5.1 A dynamic knowledge base: a PU specification (M24, IBM)
– Identify current best practices in IBM’s use case;
– Define the evaluation method for the use case;
– Applying results from WP3 (Query Generation / Query Answering) on IBM’s use case
– Comparing the results and identifying the gap;
D5.2 A dynamic query generator: a PU Prototype (M30, UNIABDN)
D6.2 Stream querying for open data: a PU report (M30, UNIABDN)
Discuss on Jhonatan’s secondment plan;