Dr. Panos Alexopoulos will give a seminar to CSD of UNIABDN about vagueness

Speaker: Dr. Panos Alexopoulos (iSOCO)

Title: Detecting, Analyzing and Representing Vagueness in Ontologies for Facilitating Reuse.
Info: Tuesday, April 1, 14:00-15:00, MT 203

Abstract: The emergence in the last years of initiatives like the Linked Open Data (LOD) has led to a significant increase of the amount of structured semantic data on the Web. Nevertheless, the wider reuse of such data is inhibited by a variety of factors, ranging from the quality of the data to the richness/explicitness of its ontological descriptions. In this talk, we focus on the phenomenon of vagueness as a potentially problematic factor for the shareability and reusability of ontologies and semantic data, and we describe a novel approach for dealing with it. Key components of this approach include a vague sense classifier that may automatically identify vague ontological elements as well as the Vagueness Ontology, a metaontology for annotating these elements with explicit descriptions of their vagueness.