Jhonatan Garcia starts his secondment in IBM Italia

Jhonatan Garcia (ESR)’s secondment to IBM Italia has started from 17th May 2014. He will work on WP5 and WP6. In particular, Jhonatan will investigate the following two topics:

  • Stream Maintenance: The aim is to develop efficient and scalable solutions that would handle large volumes of historical stream data. This data has potential value as key queries are expected to be repeated numerous times. A starting point would be to study how new data affect historical answers from the knowledge base; i.e. what is the minimum amount of changes that would require a recalculation of existing results, and what is the minimum recalculation required for a given update in the knowledge base.
  • Uncertainty handling: The aim is to develop an efficient reasoner that would take into consideration uncertain, probable, or possible data. This reasoner must be able to apply inference over this non-crisp set, and return the most consistent answer possible. It would be helpful to first study successful applications of Subjective Logic in academic research and see if any of these approaches can be used on a stream reasoner.