Marie Curie Fellow, Yuan Ren, gave a talk about ‘Ontology Stream Reasoning’ in IBM Italy

Marie Curie Fellow, Yuan Ren from University of Aberdeen, gave a talk in IBM Italy on 8th of July, 2014. The detail was as follows.

Title: Ontology Stream Reasoning with Combined Forward and Backward Chaining Completion
Abstract: Due to the dynamic nature of knowledge and data in semantic applications, ontology stream reasoning technologies are essential for ontology management systems. Nowadays, many proposed stream reasoning solutions and implemented systems apply forward chaining completion algorithms to handle the removal and addition of axioms. This talk introduces a novel approach to ontology stream reasoning that combines forward and backward chaining completion. Compared to existing works, this approach can be applied with or without bookkeeping, does not affect parallelisation or tractability, and reduces the effort for re-deriving the deleted results both theoretically and empirically.