Dr. José Manuel Gómez Pérez will give a talk in University of Aberdeen

Dr. José Manuel Gómez Pérez, one of our Marie Currier Fellows of K-Drive project, will give a talk in University of Aberdeen.

Title: When History Matters – Assessing Reliability for the Reuse of Scientific Workflows
Scientific workflows play an important role in computational research, as the essential artifacts for communicating the methods used to produce the research findings. We are witnessing a growing number of efforts of treating workflows as first-class artifacts for sharing and exchanging scientific knowledge, either as part of scholarly articles or as stand-alone objects. However, workflows are not born to be reliable, which can seriously damage their reusability and trustworthiness as knowledge exchange instruments. Scientific workflows are commonly subject to decaying, which consequently undermines their reliability over their lifetime. The reliability of workflows can be notably improved by advocating scientists to preserve a minimal set of information that is essential to assist the interpretations of these workflows and hence improve their potential for reproducibility and reusability. In this talk we show how, by measuring and monitoring the completeness and stability of scientific workflows over time we are able to provide scientists with a measure of their reliability, supporting the reuse of trustworthy scientific knowledge.
Venue: Meston 2
Time:14:00-15:00, 29 Sep. 2014