Tutorial: Constructing and Understanding Knowledge Graph

Dr. Jeff Z. Pan gave a tutorial in JIST2014 conference on Constructing and Understanding Knowledge Graph.

Abstract: The benefits and potentials of Linked Data (LD) have been utilised and demonstrated by numerous applications from academic, industry and public sectors. This explains the recent vast increase of LD not only in data volume but also in number of datasets and related domains. However, consuming a linked dataset requires technical background of Semantic Web (SW) techniques and the knowledge of the dataset. Direct use of such valuable knowledge space is very time consuming and is still a privilege of SW “geeks”. In this tutorial, we propose the vision of converting LD into knowledge graphs which are not only capable to enhance accessibilities in LD consumption but also enable LD directly usable to end users. Specifically, this tutorial consists of two parts. The first part will introduce the overview, applications and research challenges to create knowledge graphs on top of LD. The second part will focus on specific techniques for knowledge graph, including knowledge graph construction and knowledge graph understanding.