IBM Colleagues will work in Aberdeen from 2nd July 2015

IBM Colleagues, Drs Marco Mondi and Yuting Zhao, will come Aberdeen University and work with the local team on K-Drive project for 2 weeks. Dr Mondi will do his secondments with a special focus on WP5&6. Dr Zhao will work with Dr Honghan Wu on Stream Semantic Querying and also start to take over the (technical) project management for the rest project period.

Dr Jeff Z. Pan is doing secondment in IBM Italy

K-Drive coordinator, Dr Jeff Pan, is doing secondment in IBM Italy from 4 June to 17 June, 2015. This secondment will involve the following activities.

  1. Supervising the work in deliverables:
    D5.2 A dynamic query generator: a PU Prototype
    D5.3 A user query generator: an RE Prototype
    D6.3 Stream querying for private data: a PU Report
  2. Dissemination activities in DL workshop 2015
  3. Knowledge transfer activities in IBM Italy
  4. Project management and looking into future collaboration

iSOCO/ESI is doing secondments in Aberdeen

Panos and Boris from iSOCO/ESI are doing secondments in Aberdeen uni from 31 May to 12 June, 2015. The secondment work will involve:

  1. deliverables of which the due dates are the end of July:
    D7.1 User model definition: a PU Specification (M30, UNIABDN)
    D7.2 Interactive UI design: a PU Specification (M36, ISOCO)
  2. k-drive book revision
  3. discussing a proposal for FTI H2020
  4. knowledge transfer activities