K-Drive seminar

On 26 Feb 2016, Veronica Villa from Expert System gave a seminar titled “COGITO technology: Building knowledge using semantic technologies” in Aberdeen.

In this seminar, she introduced the state-of-the-art work of COGITO on linguistic analysis, conceptualize structure knowledge, and applications i.e. semantic search, dialogue system, knowledge discovering, etc.

The audience included: Dr. Jeff Pan, Dr. Adam Wyner, and Jhonatan Garcia from University of Aberdeen, and  Dr. Marco Monti, Dr. Yuting Zhao, Fernanda PeregoAlessandra Coletti, Emanuela Valle from IBM Italia, and Anna Cuccovillo, Eliana Bombieri from Expert System.

IBMers secondments

In February 2016 we welcome the secondment of 5 IBMers from IBM Italia to Aberdeen; they are Dr. Marco MontiFernanda Perego, Alessandra Coletti, Emanuela Valle, and Alessandro Faraotti.

During this secondment they will strengthen the cooperation between IBM Italia and the University of Aberdeen, on investigation of various applications leveraged by Semantic technologies and IBM Cognitive Computing solutions – IBM Watson, which is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data.


Welcome Fernanda Perego onboard

From 14 Feb 2016 Fernanda Perego from IBM Italia has come to the University of Aberdeen for her secondment. She is an IBM Client Technical Architect with long experience with clients’ project on IT Data Center Automation and Systems Management, Digital Transformation and omni-channel customer engagement.

During her secondment, she brings us the expertise on Analytics and Information Architecture (focus on User Experience and social data), and the IBM Cognitive Computing solutions on Watson.