Dr. Honghan Wu gave a talk at STI Symposium on Research and Innovation in Horizon2020

Dr. Honghan Wu gave a talk at STI Symposium on Research and Innovation in Horizon2020. The title of the talk is `Integrated Development Environment of Linked Data Lifecycle

`. The idea is to utilise K-Drive’s outcomes (Linked Data Exploitation techniques) in a linked data publishing and consuming framework especially for dealing with Big Data challenges of data variety and dynamics.

Dr. Boris Villazón-Terrazas is going to give a seminar in CSD

Dr. Boris Villazón-Terrazas, the seconded K-Driver from iSOCO, will give a seminar in the computing science department of Aberdeen University. Detailed information is as follows.

Date/Time: 14:00-15:00 Monday 7th Oct Location: 203 Meston Building

Title: Linked Enterprise Data – Iterative and Incremental Life Cycle

Abstract: Linked Data is the application of Semantic Web architecture principles to real-world information management issues faced by commercial, not-for-profit and government enterprises. Linked Data offers a huge potential for enterprise applications, e.g., for the integration and the management of data within and across enterprises. With Linked Data, enterprises have a unique opportunity to cooperate in their use of shared data without the costs of extensive coordination. In this talk we are going to present our approach for implementing Linked Data technologies within a Company .


Dr. Jeff Pan gave a seminar at IBM Italy

Dr. Jeff Pan gave a seminar at IBM Italy on 19th, September, 2013. His talk is titled:

It noticing so, Optimal and “Good Enough” Approximations for Semantic Reasoning.

Abstract: The talk will illustrate the challenges of reasoning with semantic data, discuss different reasoning strategies, and particularly focus on the approximation techniques. Two approximation technologies, namely the optimal semantic approximation and the “good enough” syntactic approximation, and their applications in the context of the K-Drive project, will be introduced.

Yuan Ren gave a seminar at IBM Italy

Yuan Ren gave a seminar at IBM Italy on 13th September, 2013. His talk is titled: Ontological Representation of Treatment Programs and Deviations.

Abstract: The talk will report the analysis results of the IBM Italy use case in the K-Drive project and its connections to knowledge-based technologies. Particularly, an ontological solution based on semantic query answering has been proposed for the medical treatment program deviation analysis use case. The construction of different knowledge assets in this use case, particularly the development of different queries for detecting deviations, will be illustrated.