Welcome new IBMers on board !

Starting from this September, three new IBMers: Alessandra Coletti, Emanuela Valle, and Marco Senatore have joined the project, and become new K-Drivers. Their will contribute to the Work Packages 8, learn semantic technologies and develop new skills, and also set up new cooperation with other colleagues in this project.

Alessandra Coletti has gained her Master degree in Mathematics in 2012 from the “Università degli Studi” of Pavia, and Master degree in Pianoforte in 2010 from the “Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali Franco Vittadini” of Pavia. Now she is a Data Scientist in IBM Italy, and currently works as a consultant in Customer & Social Analytics projects.

Emanuela Valle has gained a Master degree in Mathematics in 2011 from the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata” , and a Master Degree in Mathematical Finance in 2012 from the Università degli Studi di Bologna “Alma Mater”. Now she is a consultant in IBM Italia and she is working as a Data Scientist in Customer and Social Analytics projects.

Marco Senatore has gained his PhD degree in Operations Research from the University of Rome “LA SAPIENZA” in 2013, majored in Routing Mechanisms for unreliable networks. He had been working at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory between 2011 to 2012. Now he is a consultant at the IBM GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES in Rome.

IBMers are doing their secondment at the University of Aberdeen

Five IBMers: Dr. Marco Monti, Alessandro FaraottiAlessandra Coletti, Emanuela Valle , and Dr. Marco Senatore have come to Aberdeen to do their secondments, since 21 September 2015.

During this secondment, besides working on Work Package 8 and some related deliverables, they will strength their capabilities on using semantic technologies, and develop further cooperation with the colleagues in the University of Aberdeen.

At the same time, Dr. Yuting Zhao, the IBM team leader, is also visiting the University of Aberdeen. He will meet local colleagues in Aberdeen and work on Deliverable 8.1 and 8.2, and join an IBM-Aberdeen workshop, and also to prepare another project proposal.


IBM Colleagues will work in Aberdeen from 2nd July 2015

IBM Colleagues, Drs Marco Mondi and Yuting Zhao, will come Aberdeen University and work with the local team on K-Drive project for 2 weeks. Dr Mondi will do his secondments with a special focus on WP5&6. Dr Zhao will work with Dr Honghan Wu on Stream Semantic Querying and also start to take over the (technical) project management for the rest project period.

Dr Jeff Z. Pan is doing secondment in IBM Italy

K-Drive coordinator, Dr Jeff Pan, is doing secondment in IBM Italy from 4 June to 17 June, 2015. This secondment will involve the following activities.

  1. Supervising the work in deliverables:
    D5.2 A dynamic query generator: a PU Prototype
    D5.3 A user query generator: an RE Prototype
    D6.3 Stream querying for private data: a PU Report
  2. Dissemination activities in DL workshop 2015
  3. Knowledge transfer activities in IBM Italy
  4. Project management and looking into future collaboration

iSOCO/ESI is doing secondments in Aberdeen

Panos and Boris from iSOCO/ESI are doing secondments in Aberdeen uni from 31 May to 12 June, 2015. The secondment work will involve:

  1. deliverables of which the due dates are the end of July:
    D7.1 User model definition: a PU Specification (M30, UNIABDN)
    D7.2 Interactive UI design: a PU Specification (M36, ISOCO)
  2. k-drive book revision
  3. discussing a proposal for FTI H2020
  4. knowledge transfer activities

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K-Drive Project will have a two-day workshop in Modena, Italy

K-Drive will have a two-day workshop in Modena, Italy at 7th-8th, May 2015. The workshop will discuss:

– K-Drive project: management, work package implementation and scientific researches;
– K-Drive book: status update, chapter discussion, timeline revision and next action points;
– Future collaboration opportunities: proposal ideas, research topics and knowledge transfer projects.

Dr. Jeff Z. Pan continues his secondment in ESI(iSOCO)

From this week, Dr. Jeff Z. Pan is doing his secondment in ESI (iSOCO). The secondment will last two weeks and will consist of the following activities:

– Collaborative Research Activities on the work package of Interactive Intelligent User Interface
– Project Meeting Arrangement: planing the upcoming K-Drive project meeting
– Other project management activities: iSOCO – ESI transition
– Knowledge Transfer Activities


Dr Jeff Z. Pan is going to continue his secondment in IBM Italy

K-Drive coordinator, Dr Jeff Z. Pan, is doing his secondment in IBM Italy. The research topics include: 1) user query generation and 3) stream querying techniques for private data. In addition to research activities, Dr Pan will also supervise the ESR researcher who is secondeed from UNIABDN to IBM Italy. Other activities include project management, knowledge transfer and etc.

Dr. Jeff Z. Pan is going to continue his secondment in ESI

Dr. Jeff Z. Pan will start his secondment in Expert System Iberia from 23rd Jan. 2015 to 6th Feb. 2015. In this secondment, Jeff will mainly work on the following two topics:

  • The guidance (T9.1 Task identification and definition)
  • Project management (plans and arrangements of secondment implementation)

As usual, he will also contribute on activities of knowledge transfer and dissemination during this secondment.