Dr. José Manuel Gómez Pérez is doing his secondment in University of Aberdeen

Dr. José Manuel Gómez Pérez from iSOCO continues his secondment from 18th to 29th of August, 2014. Jose’s activities in this period include:
– Working on work package 7 with a special focus on the task to design user interface for interactive browsing and presentation of semantic information;
– Project managements.

K-Drive published a data summarisation service

Scan to get the RDF data summarisation service

We are pleased to announce that a data summarisation servicewhich is to help users get

a quick understanding of RDF dataset. Users can submit the URL of the RDF data to get a live summarisation of it. The service is a result of K-Drive WP3 (Efficient and Scalable Query Generation). It will be used by students of Semantic Web Engineering Course (2013-2014) to help them finish their assessments. We will report feedbacks from the students later. Scan the image to the right to try it now!

Note: live summarisation only accepts files less than 3MB. For summarising larger data, you can drop an email to .

Marco Monti and Alessandro Faraotti start their secondments in Aberdeen Unversity

Marco Monti and Alessandro Faraotti from IBM Italia S.p.A. start their secondments in Aberdeen University. They will work on the work packages 5 and 6. Specifically, the tasks are as follows.
T5.1 Data Stream Management: This task will focus on the updating and maintenance of dynamic medical knowledge bases(such as that for pathology guidelines knowledge).
T6.1 Stream Maintenance: Due to the nature of stream reasoning, historical data will be potentially used in the future thus large volume of stream will be maintained.

IBM Italia S.p.A. has a wealth of experiences in applying Semantic technologies in dealing with real world use cases. Hence the secondments will definitely transfer valuable knowledge and experience to Aberdeen University. IBM researchers will work with their Aberdeen colleagues on the requirements, the state of the art, and solutions in exploiting data in the scenario of Personalized Treatments for oncology patients.